Genes’Ink : a leader company in printed eletronics

Genes'Ink is a worldwide leader company, positioned on the conductive and semiconductive inks market. This innovative sector represents the electronics of the future: flexible printed electronics.

Our values

Genes'Ink values are primarily those of sustainable development, supported on a responsible approach (responsible care, responsible chemicals). However, this development would be impossible without providing a real long term support to our partners and our customers. We are listening to their needs, in order to implement formulations corresponding exactly to their specifications. This excellence arises from an advanced technology monitoring, supported by a permanent concern for respecting the environment and the working conditions of our teams.
To develop this responsible company, we rely on strong values :


Ideas are often generated by the debates and exchanges between people. Each person working for Genes’Ink is encouraged to develop his creativity. The sum of our talents initiates new perspectives, new products, new applications, in this innovative printed electronics sector.


We fight discrimination and we promote equal opportunities at work. We are concerned by equality, diversity, culture and disability: the set of our differences constitute our wealth.


Team spirit is the link that allows us to move in the same direction: respect for humans and environment. We develop innovating eco-sustainable applications to replace polluting products with non-toxic solutions.


Respect for these three values leads Genes'Ink to a permanent goal, both in the development of its new products as in the management of his skills. This objective leads us to increase our excellence.


"Research tax credit" approved

Genes'Ink is approved by the Ministry of education in order to benefit its customers of the "research tax credit".
This approval allows to recover a part of the services invoiced (30% of the costs incurred) as a tax credit.