The right choice for a more efficient and longer shelf life OPV device

Genes’Ink patented Helios'Ink solutions can be used for electrodes manufacturing or charge transport layer deposition in OPV cells:
- Busbars
- Electrodes
- Charge Transport Layers
Key Benefits:
- High conductive performance (1,6 to 2,5 time silver bulk)
- Reduction of coverage cost
- Printing on many different flexible plastic substrates (PET, PEN, KAPTON, Verre, Polycarbonate, Paper, Verre ITO, Ag NWs layer, Active layer)
- Low/No curing process for printing on flexible substrates : IR, Photonic, Industrial Oven, Conveyor Oven
- Improved cell efficiency (PCE loss<10%)
- High transparency (>90%)
- Protection against oxidation (PCE<10% after 2 000h)
- Protection against aging due to UV exposure
- Smoother surface

Helios'Ink Product overview:

Charge Transport Layers
Product Name
Metal Composition
Particle Type
Work Function (eV)
Printing Mehtods
H-SZ01034 ZnO Nano 4.0±0,1 InkJet printing
H-SZ11034 ZnO Nano 4.0±0,1 Spray printing
H-SZ21024 ZnO Nano 4.0±0,1 Screen printing
H-DZ01015 AZO Nano 3.6±0.1 InkJet printing
H-DZ11015 AZO Nano 3.6±0.1 Spray printing
H-DZ21018 AZO Nano 3.6±0.1 Screen printing


Busbars & Electrodes
Product Name
Metal Composition
Particule Type
(R□ (mΩ/sq/25µm))
Printing Methods
H-CS01130 Ag Nano 1.5 InkJet Printing
H-CS11101 Ag Nano <2 Spray Printing
H-CS21511 Ag Nano <1.7 Screen Printing
H-CS31506 Ag Nano < 1.7 Flexography