Advanced materials for printed and flexible electronics

High Quality products delivered on time

Genes’Ink is the right partner as your inks supplier for your industrial process. We have the facilities to provide large amount of inks.  Our quality management system is the guarantee for our customer to use high quality and batch to batch reproducible products.

Our company is certified ISO 9001, a worldwide standard for quality management system, which is a guarantee for our customers to use high quality and reliable products all year long.

Safe and Ecofriendly Solutions for Greener Electronics

Safety is the most important of our core values. Our inks are solvent based (alcohols or alcanes mixture) and We do not use any chemicals that are classified as CMR or toxic.

Thanks to greater electrical performances, our cost per m² are lower than all competitors: we do better with much less materials.

Our range of products:

Genes’Ink offers advanced materials for the printed & flexible market:

Helios’Ink: The right choice for a more efficient and longer shelf life OPV device

Bright’Ink: Make your OLED lighting more flexible and brighter

Smart’Ink: Join the IoT revolution with innovative and flexible applications


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