Bright’Ink B-DZ11015 Semi Conductive Ink was developed for the printed electronics market and is particularly well suited for OLED lightning and display.


Bright’Ink B-DZ11015Semi Conductive Ink shows great performance on Spray coating and is compatible with various flexible substrates (Kapton, PET, PET/ITO, …) but also Glass/ITO .

The use of Bright’Ink B-DZ11015 Semi Conductive Ink is greatly improving the devices performances by reducing the roughness of the TCE without a negative impact on the electrical conductivity and the transparency. Life time of the devices is also increased.

The Bright’Ink B-DZ11015 provides ETL layer with high performances but also the transparent electrode in combination with our conductive inks (B-CS01130, B-CS21511).

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