Applications for printed electronics

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Applications overview

Applications for GenesInk products are numerous in the field of printed electronics, IoT, energy and mobility.

GenesInk offers our customers a full range of nano-solutions enabling the development of new devices :

– Connected devices such as glasses, windows, watches, hearing aids, medical devices, office supplies

– RFID, LoRa, SigFox antennas

– Flexible PCBs and sensors

– Biosensors

– In-Mold Electronics for automotive and appliances

– Shielding

– ITO substrates

– Displays

– Solar cells (organics and perovskite),


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Connected objects and
Flexible printed electronics

New electronic devices that incorporate printed electronics are getting smaller in dimension and form factor. GenesInk’s nano ink solutions open a new dimension for new flexible electronic devices and connected objects by eliminating technical road-blocks.

GenesInk’s nano ink solutions enable the opportunity to integrate electronic devices into most objects without having an impact on their shape or size: flexible, conformable, invisible while offering extended performance.

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In energy applications, organic solar cells (OPV) and perovskite show great potential due to their low production costs and mechanical flexibility. These characteristics open up a new range of solar cell applications.

For the implementation and mass dissemination of organic solar cells, manufacturing costs, efficiency and long-term stability are crucial. HTL and ETL semi-conductive ink solutions provide OPV manufacturers user friendly and stable materials for their cell manufacturing.

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Display and Transparent
conductive films

Considering the emergence of flexible screen technologies and flexible displays, ITO films are no longer relevant since this material is brittle. GenesInk offers TranDuctive® as a wet solution printable using standard coating processes and compatible with plastic substrates thanks to its low drying temperature, enabling flexible device manufacturing. It is a sustainable alternative to existing technologies.

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In mobility applications (automotive, aerospace) In-Mold Electronics (EMI) eliminate additional weight and post-processing operations by allowing the electronic circuitry to be directly incorporated during the molding cycle. It combines In-Mold Decorating (IMD) technology with Printed Electronics. For automotive and aeronautical industries, the advantages of In-Mold Electronics combined with GenesInk Smart Mold inks are numerous, including: light-weighting, space-saving, robustness, freedom of design.