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Being able to develop new materials and formulate active inks for printing, GenesInk supports its customers with solutions ranging from the manufacturing of active ingredients for their applications to fine tuning existing solutions to their specific needs.

Our scientific and technical support is offered at different stages of the value chain with :
> Synthesis of nanomaterials
> Formulation of active inks
> Ink printing (R2R, S2S) and characterization of metal deposits

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Ink formulation and development on request

In order to support customers in the development of new products, GenesInk puts its expertise and equipment to the service of your R&D and technical teams.

According to specifications and objectives defined with our customers, GenesInk is able to :

Synthesize new nanomaterials :

  • Bibliographical study
  • Development of synthesis methods (choice of raw materials, solvents, screening of operating conditions, etc.)
  • Optimization of synthesis processes and realization of intermediate scale-up phases (from mg to kg)

Develop new formulations :

  • Bibliographical study
  • Selection of additives and solvents, formulation study
  • Analysis and characterization of physico-chemical properties
  • Optimization of formulation processes and realization of intermediate scale-up phases (from ml to l)

For our customers, this is the guaranty of :

> Quickly test and validate new materials
> Accelerate the industrialization of your new products
> Adapt the formulation of existing products to new printing methods

Printing and characterization

GenesInk has a wide range of equipment at its disposal to carry out printing tests and optimize printing parameters.

The techniques used by GenesInk include :

  • Inkjet (KSCAN PE300 – Ricoh printhead Gen5)
  • Screen printing (ATMA – AT45)
  • Spray coating (USI – Benchtop BT)

On the other hand, we offer our customers the opportunity to carry out various analyses in order to characterize the properties of the printed substrates.

  • Profilometry
  • Analysis of the electrical properties of deposits
  • Conductivity and square resistance
  • Adhesion
  • Transparency
  • Gloss meter
  • Haze

Commercial innovation: subscriptions for laboratories.

This extremely rigorous methodology allows us to produce on demand. In this way, we avoid storage costs. And thanks to the value chain control, we will very soon offer our customers the opportunity to subscribe to a form of subscription!

As part of this subscription, our customers – in particular laboratories – will be able to subscribe for the year to a fixed quantity of ink and a given number of deliveries; they will then issue the calls on the date of their choice. With a major innovation: a delivery in 5 working days, made possible by our expertise in the process!