Optomec is redefining how products come to market with additive manufacturing.

Encompassing printers, software, materials and applications expertise, our innovative and comprehensive offerings span the entire product life cycle enabling components and features not possible before and transforming how customers design, build and maintain critical products and parts.

OPTOMEC has successfully qualified GENESINK Smart Aero (S-CS61308) for use in their printing equipements.

Fineline stencil chemistry .

The miniaturisation of functional prints, for example in electronics, place very high demands on the screen printing stencil. So that the resolution of such fine lines not only occurs in the stencil, but is also able to subsequently function in print, all the stencil production parameters must be perfectly coordinated with each other.

The stencil chemistry used plays a decisive role in the first place. For this application, Kissel + Wolf offers a comprehensive system dedicated to fine lines screen printing.

GENESINK Smart inks perfectly match with Kiwo stencils products to provide the best resolution possible on your conductive traces.

The aim of Asada Mesh, it has been set to the development of Precision Screens with Higher Resolution for the Electronics Industries.

It counts with two production sites to cover domestic and overseas demand. A Center of Screen Printing Excellence, in Kagoshima (Japan) is fully equipped to assist customers worldwide. A Business Office targets at Printed Electronics in European Markets.

“Through our policy of mastering matured technology to extremes, penetrating it and driving the developing industry with our ultrafine weaving technology, Asada Mesh would like to contribute to the future of Printed Electronics.” by President Asada, Hideaki

Some of the finest resolutions made with GENESINK inks (down to 30µm) were printed using ASADA mesh.

Carpe Diem Technologies provides the means to pattern 2D or 3D electronic and optical devices, in many materials, including GenesInk, on flexible substrates, at high volume and low cost. Carpe Diem provides R2R equipment for printing these devices, utilizing gravure, flexo and specializing in nano imprint lithography. Carpe Diem also supplies Nano Seamless Masters (TM) available from 6 “ to 60″ for use on all NIL systems. These capabilities can also be used with their patented and patents pending Spatial ALD systems or direct write lithography systems to provide a complete manufacturing solution.

GENESINK Smart Gravure (S-CS51301) ink successfully qualified with Carpe Diem equipment for gravure, flexo and nano-imprint processes.

Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company specializing in innovative systems based on semiconductor technologies. The company’s focus is on photovoltaics (solar industry), while its portfolio has evolved from the technologies which have been successfully implemented in the PV market to cover a broad range of applications in other markets, such as semiconductor, printed and hybrid electronics, PCB, OLED and life science.

At its entity Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V. in Eindhoven, the focus is on the design and manufacturing of the PiXDRO inkjet printing equipment. Various inkjet printing systems have been developed which enable the scaling of inkjet printing from laboratory applications up to mass production.

The PiXDRO JETx production platform is designed for high productivity and reliability, low cost of ownership, and integration in highly automated mass production environments. The LP50 R&D printer excels in flexibility and process control, offering fast product development and time-to-market.

GENESINK Smart Jet inks are designed to fit PiXDRO inkjet compatible print head from Dimatix, XAAR and Konica Minolta.

SP-Solutions was founded in October 2000 and provides the electronic industry with consulting services based on the extensive industrial experience of its founder and president Mr. Sano who has been working on the screen printing technology for 30 years.

SP-Solutions provides comprehensive technical support based on logical and consistent thinking, solving customers problems in a timely manner.

SPS focuses on key parameters adjustment such as printability and ink functionality, screen mesh/mask or squeegee as well as screen printing machine settings.

SP-Solutions is closely working with industry leaders in order to establish industrial standards and reference parameters in the printed electronics industry.

With its continuous communication thru articles in specialized press like Convertech Magazine, the publication of state-of-the-art technical books and conferences, SP-Solutions is positioned as a respected influencer in the printed electronics industry and as access to a large network of industrials.

GENESINK has already developed cutting edge prototypes in collaboration with SP-Solutions which are now attracting strong attention within the printed electronics industry.

Techno Alpha is a Japanese trading company specialized in electronics, marine and environment, system integrator which has been running successfully its activity for 30 years.

Its traditional core business activities are related to manufacturing machines and materials for power and semi-conductors, electronics, photovoltaics and car industries. However over the past years Techno Alpha has also expanded its activities in the growing fields of printed sensors, printed electronics and flexible OLED displays.

Over years, Techno Alpha has established tight relationships with several European leaders in the printed electronics industry demonstrating both its expectations from this sector and its will to develop the printed electronics market between Japan and Europe.

In this context Techno Alpha naturally emerged as an important partner for GENESINK and has already been distributing our products in its wide network since 2015 allowing reaching Japanese brand electronics makers and universities.

As a distributor being in direct contact with functional ink users, Techno Alpha helped us to confirm the growing interest of Japanese electronics manufacturers regarding printed electronic technology.