For all your applications
in printed electronics,
GenesInk provides solutions

GenesInk nano-solutions help you connecting the objects of tomorrow. We help our customers to reduce electronic circuits form factor and design new products in IoT, display, organic photovoltaics and LED, automotive.
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Connected objects and
flexible electronics

Majority of applications that incorporate printed electronics are getting thinner in dimension and form factor is a key parameter. SmartInk conductive inks solutions open a new dimension for highly flexible electronic devices and connected objects by releasing technical road block.
GenesInk offers the ability to integrate electronic devices into most objects without having an impact on their shape or size: flexible, conformable, invisible while showing extended performance.

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Organic solar cells and Organic LED show great potential due to their low production costs and mechanical flexibility. These characteristics open up a new range of solar cell applications. HeliosInk product range is covering most of the technologies that are required to manufacture thin, semi-transparent and flexible organic solar cells, from electrodes to charge transport layers.

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conductive film

Transparent conductive films find applications in various fields in a wide range of products such as OPV, OLEDs, displays. With the emergence of new technologies such as flexible OPV or flexible displays, ITO films are no longer relevant since this material is brittle. GenesInk TranDuctive® is a wet solution printable with standard coating processes and compatible with plastic substrates thanks to its low drying temperature, enabling flexible device manufacturing.

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In-Mold Electronics eliminates additional weight and post-processing operation by allowing parts to directly include the electronic circuitry during the molding cycle. It combines In-Mold Decorating technology with Printed Electronics. GenesInk SmartInk range dedicated to In-Mold Electronics features no compromise between formability and conductivity.

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More than 40 nano-solutions already available at ton scale and ability
to formulate custom design inks to meet your specific needs.

Nano-solution conductive inks based
on metal and metal oxides.

GenesInk offers a comprehensive range of conductive and semi-conductive inks for the IoT, printed electronic market. All printing methods are covered with specific formulations ; hassle free and user friendly formulations!
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Join the IoT revolution with innovative and flexible applications with our conductive inks for downsized circuits and bright displays. SmartInk products are the right solutions for the printing of highly conductive and flexible circuits. SmartInk products are curable at very low temperature and provide low sheet resistances.

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The right choice for a more efficient and longer shelf life OPV and OLED devices. In addition to SmartInk conductive grids and bus bars, GenesInk patented HeliosInk solutions can be used for charge transport layer deposition in OPV and OLED cells, for both ETL and HTL layers.

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Considering the emergence of flexible screen technologies and flexible displays, ITO films are no longer relevant since this material is brittle. GenesInk proposes TranDuctive® as a wet solution printable with standard coating processes .
TranDuctive® inks are designed to improve cost processing in manufacturing ETL and transparent conductive layers for OPV, OLED and displays.

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In order to support the development of your new products, GenesInk puts its expertise and equipment at the service of your product development teams.
According to specifications and objectives defined with its customers, GenesInk is able to:
– Synthesize new nanomaterials
– Develop new ink formulations
– Optimize formulation processes and support your scale-up phases

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Creativity and respect commit
our team to deliver excellence.


Our team of 12 + PhDs and engineers is dedicated to create products that have a real added benefit to our customers: we are listening to you and our formulations are meant to perfectly match your needs. We encourage our people to think out of the box and find the right solution for the right application offering you the opportunity to go further on your market.


We thrive people to exceed, and our reward lays into the feedback of our customers. We aim having 100% customer satisfaction and we carefully monitor and follow-up each of our customer experience. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with smaller devices.


We are committed to produce non toxic and non CMR solutions in a fast and efficient way. Our production lead time is the best in the industry and we commit to deliver in less than 10 days after order acknowledgement. “Fast” is one of the strength of GenesInk.


As a growing company we emphasize people relationship and team spirit. This is how we build excellence and effectiveness, thru a lean organization and a true sense of respect among each other’s.

GenesInk quality is supported by global key
players in the printed electronics.

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Smaller, further, faster :
this is GenesInk !

GenesInk is the world industrial leader in nano-solutions for IoT and printed electronics.
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We offer more than 40 nano-solutions already available at ton scale and we can formulate custom design inks to meet your specific needs.

Our industrial solutions are used for Smart Integrated Systems (flexible and printed devices for IoT), flexible and organic solar cells and OLED, touch panel displays.

By reducing the form factor of electronics, we help you create new designs and smaller devices.

Our solutions serve multiple markets including:

– Connected devices such as glasses, windows, watches, hearing aid, medical devices, office supplies
– RFID, LoRa, SigFox antennas
– Flexible PCB and sensors
– Biosensors
– In-Mold Electronics in automotive and appliances
– Shielding
– ITO substrates
– Display
– Solar cells (organics and perovskite),

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