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Conductive ink : Join the IoT revolution with innovative and flexible applications

SmartInk products are the right solutions for the printing of highly conductive and flexible circuits. SmartInk products are cured at low temperatures, enabling the use of flexible substrates (polyimide, PET, PEN…) and resulting in faster drying and lower sheet resistances than competitive silver products.

Functions :
> Conductive circuits
> Busbars
> Antennas
> Electrodes
> Sensors

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Common features :

  • No carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) substances
  • Solvent based (mainly alcohol)
  • High purity
  • No insulative binders
  • Low temperature curing
  • Easy to process
  • Easy to clean

Key benefits :

  • Very low electrical resistivity (down to 2.5 µΩ.cm)
  • Sheet resistance down to 1 mΩ/sq/25µm
  • Excellent printability (line resolution below 30µm)
  • Superior adhesion (5B) on qualified substrates (contact us)
  • Reduced use of raw materials (7 to 10 times less )
  • Low curing temperature for printing on flexible substrates (from 60°C up to 150°C)
  • Good bending behavior

SmartInk products overview, find the right ink for your application and printing process :

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SmartInk Product Characteristics :

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ProtectInk S is the best choice for coating a protective layer on top of your printed circuits.
ProtectInk S ( P-ID21001) protects the silver coating against oxidation and scratches.

After coating ProtectInk S on top of Smart Screen F (nano silver conductive ink for screen-printing),
less than 3% resistance variation was observed after 1000h at 85%rH/85°C.