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« The ITO replacement »

TranDuctive® inks are designed to improve cost processing in manufacturing ETL and transparent conductive layers for OPV, OLED and displays.

ITO has long been the only solution for transparent electrode layer in the OPV, OLED and display industries. Manufacturers depend on a single volatile source of supply with potential shortages in the next future.

GenesInk offers two TranDuctive® ranges as alternative to existing products: high conductivity, high transmission, very smooth surface, easy and homogeneous coating, and safe by design.

TranDuctive E offers an improved “all in one” solution: ETL + transparent conductive layer for OPV and OLED.

TranDuctive N is a direct alternative to ITO with improvement in processing, durability and flexibility.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

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Features :

  • Process: wet solution compatible with industry standard coating/printing processes and equipment, compatible with light and flexible substrates (PET, PEN…): spin coating, slot die, spray, bar coating.
  • Product: high conductivity (10 to 300 Ohm/sq), high transparency, low haze, temperature stability, scratch resistant, UV and oxidation protection, low roughness, tunable sheet resistance

Advantages :

  • Process: low roughness and good planar properties enable easier further coating processing, all in one solution (no need for additional ETL). R2R coating enables high throughputs.
  • Product: transparency, improved bending properties.

Benefits :

  • Process: improve total cost of ownership, improve yield factor, solution coating for lower CapEx compared to ITO.
  • End use: cost reduction, long term availability/stability of raw materials, more flexible products, improved robustness.

The main specifications required by the market are :

> Transparency: > 80%
> Sheet resistance: 5 to 100 ohm square
> Roughness: < 10nm > Processable at temperatures below 100 ° C
> Homogeneity of the above parameters on all the printed surface.
> No oxidation or variation of conductivity over time

TranDuctive E is a TCI that integrates the ETL ZnO nano formulation enabling the fabrication of OPV and OLED light cells and reducing one process step by combining them into one layer (the transparent conductive electrode and the electron transport layer).

TranDuctive N is a TCI that is designed to replace existing ITO solution the fabrication of display and OLED.

TranDuctive® products overview, find the right ink for your application and printing process :

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TranDuctive E Product Characteristics :

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TranDuctive N Product Characteristics :

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Processing :
TranDuctive® products can be coated by Slot die, Blade coating,
Standard curing condition are:
90 second @ RT + 90 second @ 90°C