We are proud to present our Smart’ink Inkjet family of nanoparticle silver inks with unrivaled conductivity for inkjet deposition.

Genes’Ink conductive inks for inkjet printing offer the best conductivity and fast curing required for rapid digital prototyping up to full-scale commercial manufacturing.

Genes’Ink newest conductive ink, S-CS01520, enables fast prototyping and easy transition from laboratory equipment to commercial production scale when used with industrial high-volume ink-jet print heads and machines. Circuit designers can easily test their design, adapt or make necessary changes when needed and immediately test their circuit, save on material costs and time. They can use the same ink to upscale at industrial production in a blink.

The Inkjet Smart’Ink S-CS01520 sinters at low temperatures and is suited to a broad range of substrates including paper, polymers, glass and ITO. With outstanding conductivity, less ink is needed for the same application requirement, delivering significant cost-savings.

S-CS01520 will enable digital printing for electronic components and circuits in applications where extremely fine lines are required, such as OLED panels, solar cells, printed antennae and touch panels.

Key features include:

  • Improved conductivity
  • Superior resolution (increased with substrate surface treatment)
  • Good bending resistance, smoothsurface
  • Shiny coating, Mirroreffect
  • Optimized nano-particles content
  • Curing process compatibility: photonic, NIR, low vacuum oven, thermal curing.
  • Non-Toxic (No CMR ink)  

Genes’Ink R&D team is multidisciplinary:

  1. material scientists work on the synthesis of our nanoparticles;
  2. chemical engineers elaborate dispersion and formulation;
  3. our application engineer team makes sure that each of our formula is suited for the right application and process.

Our ability to control the size, shape and dispersion of the silver nanoparticles based on the printing requirements of our customers is a key success factor in formulating the best conductive inks available. This allows us to achieve the highest performance in terms of conductivity, adhesion and flexibility.


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