IDTechEx Flexible Electronic USA trade show is a key annual event in the flexible electronics: it always meets expectations in term of quality leads and technological content. The caliber of the attendees is top of the notch and it is the best opportunity to create business leads and build up knowledge in the industry novelties which is a huge benefit to Genes’Ink team.

Genes’Ink will be present during the USA Flexible Electronic trade show on November 14 - 15, 2018 in Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

It should be a great opportunity to meet and provide more insight on Genes'Ink new inks available for flexible electronics. 

We can easily schedule a short meeting by using this link : Book a meeting or contact us by email at stephan.gachet@genesink.com

IDTechEx Research finds that the total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics will grow from $31.7 Billion in 2018 to $77.3 billion in 2029. The majority of that is OLEDs (organic but not mainly made by printing); printed biosensors; and printed conductive ink (used for a wide range of applications, but predominately PV). On the other hand, stretchable electronics, logic and memory, flexible batteries and capacitive sensors are much smaller segments but with strong growth potential. 

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