Genes’Ink is pleased to welcome in its scientific committee M. Nicolas Chéhanne, head of European Affairs in ARII Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Mr Chéhanne is the actual coordinator of EEN for South of France Regions.

He has provided individual advices on Technological Partnerships, innovation Management and Funding Opportunities to single innovative companies for 15 years. Since FP6, Nicolas developed knowledge on European RD&I projects, and is recently involved in H2020 promotion and proposal Support for SMEs, particularly on SME Instrument Program.

Mr Chéhanne will join the team composed of:

  • Denis Bertin, President: – Aix Marseille University
  • Louis-Dominique Kauffmann, Vice President - Genes’Ink
  • Giovanni Nisato, OPV Expert - CSEM
  • Jean-Marc Berthier Aeronautic Expert - Airbus
  • Ton Van Mol - OLED Expert - TNO / Holst Center
  • Luigi C. Occhipinti, PE Expert - Cambridge University
  • Functional Material Expert: TBN
  • Roisin Owens, Medical Expert - ENSMSE
  • Béatrice Dubois, End Users Application- - Gemalto

The Genes’Ink scientific committee is a key element in the Genes’Ink new product development roadmap.

At Genes’Ink, we rely on multiple approaches to develop and market new products:

  1. Understanding new products developments needs: World class scientific committee guiding the technological roadmap
  2. Listening to customers technical needs and specifications: Customer intimacy enables Genes’Ink to fine tune existing formulas to the exact needs of the process (beta customers testing)
  3. Cooperating with R&D centers and key industry players: Acting as formulators in the development of new electronic products enable Genes’Ink to understand needs and constraints

For more information contact Genes’Ink at contact@genesink.com.


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