The printed electronic market has been using screen printing as its main printing technology since its early days.

Today, IDTechEx estimates than 90% of the printed electronic is done with this process.

Thanks to the large possibilities for printed thickness (1 to 3 µm for nano silver inks), the screen-printing fits electrical specifications for most of printed electronics applications (flexible circuitry, antennas, OLED and OPV grids, …). Screen printing offers to the industry a robust process, a good printing repeatability and the possibility to print on large area.

People trust this solid and well-known technology for production of printed electronics applications. The need for capital expenditure is low and technical roadblocks are limited.

Since a few years, the printed electronic market is looking for new printing technology enabling higher process flexibility that allow reasonably high productivity.

The ink Jet printing is also a good answer to this demand.

Ink Jet printer are available from laboratory scale to industrial scale.

Providing all the advantages of a digital printing solution, the ink jet is the best solution for fast and cheap prototyping. Users can print easily several designs just by changing the image, no need of investment on design part. This advantage makes ink jet a suitable method for laboratory studies.

Ink Jet printers are also available in roll to roll configuration making this method suitable for industrial scale up. R2R ink jet process enable to print up to 40m/mn, making ink jet a promising solution for flexible electronic production. However, it is not adapted to all the application (low frequency antennas, …) but Ink Jet stays a suitable method for display bezel, metal grid production.

 Genes ‘Ink has designed inks that enable our users to switch from one printing technology to another without reproducibility risks. Developing and prototyping ones design on an inkjet can be easily switched to large production scale with both printing processes: screen-printing or Inkjet printing.

Ink Jet

  • S-CS01520: This ink has been developed to be printable with industrial printheads. Silver nanoparticles provides high conductivity and improved behaviour on flexible substrates.

Screen printing

  • S-CS21303: This ink has been developed to be printed by screen printing. This ink provides high conductivity and high flexibility thanks tour unique silver nanoparticles.
  • S-CS21306: This ink has been developed to be printed by screen printing particularly for designs requiring lines below 80µm. This ink is also adapted to be printed on rotary screen printer.


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